An artist doesn’t just need a single paint, but a whole host of colors to blend the mind of her imagination. When we are beautifying our appearances, we are no different: we are making art. Every color, shade and skin-tone needs to be at our disposal, ready to fit any fancy, fashion trend or spirit that suits us as we begin the day.

To cover the full extent of our imaginations, especially when the fancy strikes us, we need an extensive make up palette, one that leaves every possibility at our disposal. The more encompassing our makeup selection, the more range and freedoms our imaginations can take.

Truth be known, the best beauty discoveries are stumbled upon, often accidentally, when a girl is simply trying new possibilities on for size. An extensive, versatile make up palette helps keep that range of discovery open.

You never know what color combination will strike just right, bringing out the perfect blends of shadow and gloss, until you’ve experimented freely and tried new tastes on your palette.

With a versatile makeup selection, you should be able to swap rock star rocker with party princess, the dame of the ball with professional girl on the go. You don’t have just one look.. you’ve got a dozen pretty faces, and you’re always trying them on for size.


There’s a different face for every occasion and custom, every celebration and formal event. Ladies, we’re complicated people, so it just makes sense that we have a number of faces we have to put on! And we’re discovering new faces every day. Every time we look into a mirror and experiment, we are trying a new look, which can lead to some exciting discoveries.

There’s nothing more refreshing and new than re-inventing your appearance, becoming whole and new again, unrestrained and spontaneous. Ladies, we’re reborn every time we sit down in front of a mirror.

No one color covers all of us. As women, we are full and invigorating, and only a complete line of makeup at our fingertips can equal that promise of possibility. We need to keep our options open, especially when it comes to our cosmetics. Our beauty is worth experimentation and development.

Finding new looks and recreating ourselves is what makes us artists. Cosmetics and fashion at their heart are creative, passions fueled by imagination and personality. So keep your imagination open. A wide range of cosmetics at your disposal will free your creativity and make you a new woman!