What’s in your makeup? Check out the ingredients of the cosmetics you are using. You may be surprised. Many cosmetic brands are made from synthetics, harmful oils and unnatural ingredients that irritate your skin. Often, you could be using these products and suffering allergic reactions and not even know it. Your latest breakout may not be the result of stress at all. It may be a direct reaction from the makeup you are using.

Fortunately, there’s Almay Cosmetics for the hypoallergenic. Made from all natural ingredients that organically treat and enhance the health of your skin, Almay is made for the sensitive in mind. It uses a variety of herbal extracts that medicinally heal your skin. Meadowsweet is used to treat oily skin, while cucumber extracts can naturally moisten dry, patched skin. Other Almay products use grape seed oil that’s also good at returning the skin’s natural health.

New for Almay Cosmetics is their Pure Blends Makeup. It’s 97.4 percent natural, so you know what you are getting is healthy. It’s lightweight and fragrance free, so you don’t get that heavy caked on feel or the unnatural smells that can make you sick by the end of the day. It’s good for evening out the complexion, creating flawless skin that just seems to glimmer naturally in the sunlight. It features an enhancing blend of antioxidant fruit and flower extracts, Lotus, Orchid and Acai that help to nourish and hydrate the skin. It’s a great way to feel natural, feel as if the very flesh of your skin was the petal of a flower itself. It’s also talc and paraben free, so you know it’s natural and perfect for allergic skin. It’s even been dermatologist tested and approved.

Featuring an irresistible line of colors, Almay makeup features every color in the spectrum so you can find that perfect match. Some seasons call for a more relaxed color; while other seasons, winter especially, call for a brighter boldness to keep things interesting. Almay comes in such a wide range you can meet and suit any mood and occasion, even mixing blends to create a customized complexion of your own.

Cosmetics should be good for you, be made of natural ingredients that work to medicinally heal your skin and enhance its pores. Makeup that features unhealthy parabens, oils and preservatives work against your health and make you older than your time. There’s simply no need for that. Using extracts as natural as cucumber, lilies, and aloe, Almay brings nature back to the world of makeup.

Why should you settle for anything less than the natural earth?