If you’re a cosmetics bargain shopper, you may turn your nose up at designer cosmetics. But, then the unthinkable happens.
You just can’t seem to find your favorite shade of matte lipstick that can be worn seamlessly from day right on into evening. The bargain brand you usually wear can’t be found anymore, and the other off-brands you’ve tried just don’t give you the true color you’re looking for. Enter designer cosmetics.
Why Designer Cosmetics?
Like designer anything, the one thing you can count on with designer cosmetics is that they’ll always be around, and they’ll always be in style. Think Chanel suit..Has it ever gone out of style darling? No. And it’s not about to.
So, in search of your favorite lipstick, you may for the first time visit a designer cosmetics counter. Following is how to get exactly what you want – for the right price.
Retrain Your Brain: When shopping for designer cosmetics, you’re going to have to retrain your brain as to what that means exactly. The bargains you’re going to get with designer cosmetics may be still paying the higher price, but accepting the free makeup bag that comes along with it.
A free gift will take the edge off of the guilt you may feel about the actual purchase price.
Scour Circulars: If you usually toss that sales circular that comes in the mail in the garbage right away, you may want to hang onto it. Sometimes department stores will advertise discounts on their designer cosmetics in these. While the discounts are usually not huge, any amount saved off a $25 tube of your favorite lipstick is a welcome price break.
Take Advantage of Charge Offers: This can be one of the easiest ways to get discounts on designer cosmetics. Most department stores invariably run offers that give you a certain percentage off an initial purchase if you open an account with them.
These are just three of many easy ways to get good deals on designer cosmetics.