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A few simple tips to a brighter, whiter smile:

As time passes fashion trends change and evolve. Yesterday’s beauty standards are very different from today’s and what was considered “hot” back in the day is “so-not” today. In this times, a beautiful, healthy, white smile is a must.  You don’t want to feel like Austin Powers waking up in the 21st century with his […]

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Faux Eyelashes: the quickest way to “glam up”

I remember going to the beauty supply store with my mother, and coming across false lashes under a glass counter. My mom said “I remember wearing this when I was younger, back in the 70’s”. My response was “ewww, how could you have wore those things?” Little did I know that ,as everything else in […]

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Tanning: Tanning the face or bronzers?

Have you ever asked yourself if when you tan you should tan your face as well? Several years ago someone I knew told me she “would never tan her face”,and cover it with a towel while in the tanning booth.  As an avid tanner myself I would have never considered covering my face! At that […]

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