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How to put on Makeup

It might sound silly to you, but putting on makeup is an art form.  Have you even looked at a woman on the street and thought “Oh my!! poor girl has no clue how to put on her makeup!” On the other hand, we all know the girl that always looks flawless, like a Mac […]

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Yes, You Do Have to Care for Your Cosmetic Make Up

How to Care for Your Cosmetic Make Up Many women spend a fortune on cosmetic make up, then proceed to ruin it by not properly caring for it. If you’re shaking your head going, “I didn’t know I had to care for my cosmetic make up,” then this article is for you. Yes, You Do […]

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How to Determine If a Beauty Cosmetic Is Right for You

Quality: Quality is one attribute that can’t be judged by price alone when it comes to beauty cosmetics. So, this takes more of a discerning effort. On some cosmetics, you can sacrifice a bit of quality for price. However, if you’re buying a skin cleaner as opposed to a lip liner, you may want to […]

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