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Estee Lauder Cosmetics

Growing young gracefully.. We wear makeup to bring out our  features, to highlight certain colors and shades that accentuate our natural appearance and of course..to look our very best. But we also wear cosmetics to care for our skin, to bring health to drying flesh and help preserve it against the effects of aging. Estee […]

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Custom Cosmetics: Be Unique

In a world tha’ts mass produced, your makeup shouldn’t be.. Youʼre unique. No one in the world has your exact skin tones, hair ,complexion or shade of eyes. And that is exactly what makes us beautiful. Like choosing that favorite outfit that accentuates your curves, makeup should blend with your natural characteristics. Custom cosmetics are […]

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Designer Cosmetics: Be Chic – at the Right Price

If you’re a cosmetics bargain shopper, you may turn your nose up at designer cosmetics. But, then the unthinkable happens. You just can’t seem to find your favorite shade of matte lipstick that can be worn seamlessly from day right on into evening. The bargain brand you usually wear can’t be found anymore, and the […]

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