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Jafra Cosmetics

Catch a sniff of a Jafra cosmetic, and you’re hooked for good! Hey, we all love trying new makeup brands with our friends. The beauty of Jafra Cosmetics is they do business with your friends. You don’t have to loiter through idle department stores sniffing this brand or that, nor do you have to wade […]

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Make up Stylist

Makeup has come a long way from its days of highlighting the stars on the movie screen, but it’s real magic comes in making us all look and feel.. like movie stars. Max Factor, Sr. had some big dreams when he arrived at the World’s Fair in 1904 to promote his line of rouges and […]

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Cosmetics History: Makeup Has Come Full Circle

Makeup comes full circle, and us ladies..well, we’ve come a long way. Cosmetics have been both praised and despised throughout history. From being a symbol of high class to being a mark of prostitution, from being despised by totalitarian dictators to even being banned by the Nazis during World War II, make-up has come full […]

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