As time passes fashion trends change and evolve. Yesterday’s beauty standards are very different from today’s and what was considered “hot” back in the day is “so-not” today.

In this times, a beautiful, healthy, white smile is a must.  You don’t want to feel like Austin Powers waking up in the 21st century with his 3 decades ago, 10 shades-darker than modern smile! simply don’t have to.  With the advances of oral care you don’t have to live with a coffee or nicotine-stained teeth.

There is a variety of products designed to keep you smile looking fresh without having to give up you love to coffee:  there are whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes and even Whitening gum!

You can also have your cosmetic dentist perform a Teeth Whitening procedure, or go to your local “LVI Smile Dentists” and purchase a package.  These last two are great options, if you can afford them…but they can be very pricey.

Here are a few tips for keeping your smile as whiter as it can be without braking the bank:

-If you are a coffee drinker, try and drink your beverages from a straw:  this will minimize the coffee from becoming in contact with your teeth and stain them

-After flossing dip your toothbrush in baking soda,  then your toothpaste and brush your teeth as usual.  The baking soda acts a the paste the dentist uses to clean your teeth.  Do this up to twice a week.

-Try this “At home” whitening paste: 1/2 tablespoon of  baking soda, 1 strawberry.  In a small bowl mash the strawberry and mix it with the baking soda. With an old toothbrush, spread this paste on your teeth and leave it for 5 minutes. Brush your teeth as usual.  This can be done  up to once a week!

Enjoy your brighter, whiter smile!!