I was always a little weary of the new fad in make up of mineral cosmetics.  The advertisements are all over for it on the TV, in the paper etc.  I figured it was a just a fad that would fade away eventually.

I did not know if I would want to spend 50 to 100 dollars for a full set of the bare minerals or bare essentials line.  It seemed kind of silly to spend all that money on your foundation and concealer, when I get my foundation and concealer for fewer than 20 dollars.

With all the new make up products it’s hard to believe that any of them really make a difference.  This mascara will increase the length of your lashes or this bronzer will give you that sun kissed look.  Well I am among the palest of the pale most bronzer just turns me orange whether it’s an organic type mineral cosmetic or not.

Especially when you use something everyday you go through it so fast it seems I could not afford it.   I went to my old stand by Neutrogena make up section and found a perfect little start to wearing mineral products.  It was a little container with a brush attached called Neutrogena mineral sheers foundation.  It was awesome!

I used my daily concealer, and then I layered the mineral sheer foundation over that.  It added a little color to my face and almost made my skin look a little smoother as well.  I was fairly impressed considering it’s a product for under 10 dollars and it lasts for quite a while.  Of course you have to be careful when purchasing the shade, one shade darker and you could tell a big difference.

Overall this mineral sheer foundation gave my skin a little make over.  It is very light and goes on easy.  Be careful when you apply it though; make sure that it doesn’t get on your clothes.  The powder does fly around a little when you apply the foundation, but not too much.  Your new shirt doesn’t need a make over so I recommend putting a towel over your shirt if you would like to keep it in good condition.  I would say I used the product for about six months and was very happy with my purchase.  It was nice for a change to have a product that helped my skin rather than irritate it like most make up.