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Mineral Cosmetics

I was always a little weary of the new fad in make up of mineral cosmetics.  The advertisements are all over for it on the TV, in the paper etc.  I figured it was a just a fad that would fade away eventually. I did not know if I would want to spend 50 to 100 dollars...

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Treating Your Acne at Home!

You might think the only way to clear you acne is by using a prescription, over the counter treatment, or going to a specialist. However, this is far from the truth. There are tons of home remedies that naturally clear up acne and leave you with smooth, flawless skin....

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Fun in the Sun..But Not to Much

Its summertime already, and that means alot more sun, as well as sun exposure. If your like me and constantly outdoors, then you might need to take some precautions to limit the amount of sun damage that you could potentially acquire during this sunny season. For...

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