I have asked several older women what is the secret to beautiful healthy skin, and they all agree on one thing and one thing only: “Never, never sleep with makeup”;  and even though cosmetics and beauty products have improved over time it only makes sense to want to remove makeup before going to bed.

Night time is when our bodies regenerate and heal, so why not help this natural cycle by doing the right thing?

When wearing makeup, sometimes is necessary to cleanse using a multi-step process. So start with a makeup remover or cream to disolve as much makeup as possible (avoid the eye area)

Be mindful of the skin around your eyes, as it is especially delicate and can be irritated easily. There are makeup removers specially formulated for this area. I use Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup remover. Damp a cotton ball in the product and gently swipe it around your closed eye. This step is particularly helpful if you wear lots of mascara, waterproof eyeliner and even faux lashes.

Apply Cleanser to the entire face. With the cleanser of your choice massage the product into your skin with an upward and circular motion. Don’t forget your neck and chin.

Last rinse your face and eyes with lukewarm water, but never use HOT water!

Gently pat dry and moisturize with a nightcream. My favorite is Positively Ageless Night Cream with Shiitake Mushrooms by Aveeno, which is rich and it absorbs quickly so you don’t get that feeling of been “buttered up”.