I remember going to the beauty supply store with my mother, and coming across false lashes under a glass counter. My mom said “I remember wearing this when I was younger, back in the 70’s”. My response was “ewww, how could you have wore those things?”
Little did I know that ,as everything else in fashion, they would come back in style!!
False lashes, also known as “Faux lashes” and “Fake eyelashes” were worn by every Hollywood starlet at a point in time.
Today, most of us ladies rely on mascara to pump our natural lashes and give our eyes a more defined and feminine look.
But sometimes ,when we want that Old Hollywood glamour, let say a night out in the town or a special occasion such as a wedding, we rely on Fauxs..
As a former model, I first came across them at a photo shoot, when the makeup artist put them on my eyes as part of the look he was going for..a very very glamorous look!!
I must say that it takes a little getting use to..sort of when you try contact lenses for the first time. But after seen how beautiful and sexy they make me feel I decided to make them a part of my makeup repertoire.

These days you can find them everywhere: in the beauty aisle of drugstores, supermarkets, and even Walmart and Target offer a good variety of brands, shapes and colors to suit your style. And they are a makeup artist must-have.
If you have never try them, here are a few helpful tips:

You will need: a pair of false eyelashes of your choice, eyelash glue (they often come togheter on a starter pack), tweezers and liquid eyeliner.
Make sure your lashes are makeup free and clean. With tweezers, grab a lash and dub a little glue along the trip’s base, then wait about 20 seconds for the glue to thicken.
With your eye close position the faux lash as close to the root of your own lashes and press, keep doing this for about 30 more seconds. To conceal the seam, run a super thin line of liquid liner over their base (If you’re going for a less natural look make the line thicker). To finish up brush on a coat of mascara on your lashes to blend them in, and you are done!!
If you can’t seem to get it right the few first attempts ,don’t get frustrated, like everything else this will take a little practice.