Its summertime already, and that means alot more sun, as well as sun exposure. If your like me and constantly outdoors, then you might need to take some precautions to limit the amount of sun damage that you could potentially acquire during this sunny season.

For starters, sun screen is a no brainer. But its important to try and find one that moisturizes as well. Better yet, choose a daily moisturizer that has a built in sun screen, preferably one with SPF of 15 or higher. Those filter out up to 92% of the harmful UVB rays the sun produces, so you’ll be covered! This will prevent face wrinkle, and uneven burnt skin.

Next, find a protectant for your hair. To keep your haircolor shining and vibrant, you will need one of these. The sun can intensely damage your hair, corrupting its color and texture. Find a conditioner or spray that will limit the amount of sun damage and help keep hair healthy and glowing. If your hair is colored, you especially will need one of these.

Last but not least, purchase a product that will protect your lips. The sun can cause lips to crack and dry, which is uncomfortable as well as unpleasnt. Burts Bees lip balm is highly effective, and will keep lips moist. It also has an SPF of 15, so your lips will not burn or crack. Enjoy the sun, but be sure to take these precautions against it. Happy summer!