Makeup is an art. The perfect blush combined with a select mascara brings out a certain style that’s uniquely beautiful, entrancing those around you with all the glimmer of a diamond. Eyeliner entwining with the inner essence of your eyes captivate like beautiful art in a museum, enhancing just the right elements with style and class. All it takes is just the right combination to bring out the inner elemental beauty. Each makeup effect adds its own touch of elegance, its own hint of imagination.

To create a smoky effect, nude and shimmery eye shadow works well at suggesting an alluring stroke of the mysterious, a captivating hint of cool muse. Grey or brown eye shadow on the upper lid emphasizes the character of your eyes, creating a mystifying variance that’s as entrancing as it is captivating. A moist Q-tip is ideal, almost like a paint brush to bring out your highlights with all the control of an artist reproducing beauty.

Another makeup effect that adds a festive sense of fun to the evening is highlighting your lips with bright red lip gloss. Coating your lips with a concealer as a foundation adds vibrancy to the red, making them come alive and lasting longer than a simple application. Once the foundation is set, apply a lip color that’s uniquely perfect to your own lips, applying with a lip brush from the outer corners of the mouth in. Dab with tissues, and apply an extra coat of bright red gloss. The bright gloss adds a sexy element to your natural lip color, irresistibly caressing the corners of your

Nude eye shadow with a hint of gold, combined with a cream based layer to ingrain into your skin, helps to bring out  a natural shiny essence in your skin, softly highlighting its creaminess. A hint of green on the upper lid adds a stylish, festive sense of the holidays, perfect for an evening of Christmas. Working from the inside corner into the middle of the eye brings out a dichotomous beauty that emphasizes the variety of your features.

The right combinations and blends of cosmetics work together to bring out your inner beauty. Sometimes, the best discoveries come through experimenting.  Be bold and creatively imaginative with the possibilities of cosmetics.. combing colors that enhance your inner essence is what the art of cosmetics it all about.  So grab a mirror and your makeup bag and have fun with your colors and blends!