Having a “bad-beauty day”? don’t worry..you are not alone!

Everyone, even the most beautiful supermodel had the occasional bad day, when her eyes look puffy, her skin looks discolored and the breakouts are so obvious!

Fortunately there are several things we can do to improve this look, so follow this easy steps and see yourself in a whole different light:

Add moisture: When the skin is dehydrated it looks older and less alive, so drink plenty of water and use a rich moisturizer to help plump up the skin and make it look softer and smoother.

Avoid full makeup: let you skin breath! avoid applying makeup that day in an attempt to “cover it up”. Just use a bit of concealer and a tinted moisturizer, or mix your regular moisturizer with a bit of self- tanner.

Curl you eyelashes: this will open up the eyes and make you look less tired, but do not apply lots of eye makeup and stay away from dark colors that can close up the eye and make them look more tired. Stick with light shadow on the lids a little mascara.

Fake a bake: to enliven shallow looking skin apply a light coat of self-tanner, gel or bronzer powder.  Follow with pink blush application. This will give you that healthy look of “rosy cheeks”

Add lip gloss: it will revive a dry, tired-looking mouth. Stick with sheer gloss on a shade same as your natural lip color or add a little pink.

If you still feel like you are not at your best use a large pair of sunglasses and a baseball hat, it works! If you don’t believe me pick up a magazine and look at all the celebrities rocking this look.