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For an early taste of spring, check out Chanel Make Up’s upcoming spring collection

If you are anything like me, you are sick of winter right down to that chill in your bones. When you feel gray cold days like a weight, that’s when you need an extra splash of color in your life. In the world of cosmetics, it’s never too early to think about spring. In fact, a bold spring-like color can be the perfect thing to lift you up, the perfect cure for winter’s down and out blues.

The cosmetics industry is always thinking a season ahead. That means its time to get colorful with the brightness of spring. Even if the ground is still frozen, you know that deep down, the earth itself longs to thaw. Those flowers are underneath the earth just waiting to begin life again, and so are we. Our spirits jus need a little lift, an early breath of fresh spring even though April seems so distant.

Chanel Make Up has announced its Spring Make Up collection, which means spring can be that too far around the corner. Their upcoming season features Bohemian chic shades that celebrate earthy tones with all the lush of spring. Combining earthy and bohemian for a hip, sophisticated feel that’s also intensely natural, their spring collection is sure to make you feel fashionable yet classically earthy. The line features deep color shades that are great for night and day that contrast well with their selection of nude and boldly red lips. It’s earthy, yet mysterious, sensual let calmly determined.

For truly lush lips, Chanel Make Up’s Rouge Hydrabase Crème Lipstick comes in six new shades- Fuego (a ocean-coral red), Fiesta (a natural apricot), Euphoria (a sexy pink), Beige Desire (a bold sensation), Rose Rebelle (a more subdued pink), and Gipsy Scarlett (for that wild sense of red). For lips so glossy they’ll shine in the newness of spring, Sher Colour Lipshine SPF 15 comes in a nice copper. For a more subtler glimmer, Glossimer comes in an elegant rosewood.

There’s a practicality to Chanel cosmetics that’s truly classic. The products are slim for very clean lines that create a more refined effect. The colors last long, keeping their bright shine throughout the day, even in the more intense months of May and going into summer. The bright spring colors are the perfect lift for the winter blues. Their earthy nature gives a stylish approach to beauty that’s refined, but organic, pure yet hip and sophisticated.

Check out the new colors from Chanel Cosmetics. They’ll have you thinking spring, even if your wrapped deep down under blankets and it’s still snowing outside.

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