Using cosmetics that naturally heal our skin

When we choose to use natural, organic makeup, we choose to care for the health of our bodies. Natural cosmetics and skin care go hand in hand. Makeup should not only make us look beautiful, it should enhance the health of our skin, keeping it soft and supple, protected against age and parching.

Not all makeup brands are the same. Many contain harsh synthetics and petroleum that are unnatural for our skin. Though they may make us look good for an evening on the town, they are silently and secretly poisoning our flesh, making us old before our time. Some contain harsh dyes. Others contain common allergens that may make our faces break out into a constellation of pimples.

But we have a choice. Choose natural cosmetics, and skin care will be a beneficial side effect. Mineral cosmetics contain natural minerals from the earth which work to heal our skin and protect it against the natural ravaging effects of age. Cosmetics heavy in minerals are ideal for sensitive skin, as well as for concealing redness and blemishes. Deep Sea Cosmetics even contain the minerals of the Dead Sea, known for thousands of years for its healing benefits.

Natural cosmetics penetrate deep within our skin with healing properties. They work to not only firm the body, but safeguard against age, wrinkles and stretch marks. When we care for our skin at the same time we are making ourselves beautiful, we are preserving beauty and protecting our health in the process.

Makeup can be naturally enhanced with herbs that work to cleanse and heal the essence of your skin. Lavander helps to normalize skin type and improve cell regeneration and healing. Patchouli is a natural at reducing redness. Cedarwood is ideal at easing skin eruptions and itchiness. Green tea extract is ideal at reducing eye puffiness, and is a great natural additive to eyeliner.

Above all, choose a makeup that is free of parabens, perfumes, dyes, and synthetic oils. Research the brand and make sure it has never been tested on animals. If you are a practicing vegan, you might want to research which brands are not made from animal products so that your makeup doesn’t conflict with your beliefs.

We use cosmetics to look beautiful, but if we are going to continue to look gorgeous, we need to have healthy skin. Taking care of our skin begins with our cosmetics. Use natural herbal blends that not only bring out your color but heal blemishes and dryness as well.