For those of us girls with sensitive skin, we know the value and importance of hypoallergenic makeup. Our skin tends to breakout when subjected to certain allergic cosmetics ingredients.

Often, we may have suffered these breakouts for quite some time before we realized it was really an allergic reaction, instead blaming them on stress or a persisting skin tendency left over from our teenager years. If you suffer from pimple outbreaks or skin blemishes long after the normal ages of puberty, perhaps you’re experiencing an allergic reaction from your makeup.

Unfortunately, there are no government regulations regarding hypoallergenic makeup, and many brands turn it into little more than a marketing term which may sound nice but still contain harmful, allergic ingredients.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautions that no federal standard or regulations exist governing the use of the term “hypoallergenic,” so cosmetics that claim to be hypoallergenic may be far from so, and still contain the irritating ingredients that cause your skin to break out like a teenager all over again.

How do you tell the real from the fake? How do you know which hypoallergenic brand is real, and which is more than an advertisement waiting to turn your face into a road sign of pimples?

Stick with known name companies that have a reputation for quality and concern for common allergens. Research the makeup brands on the Internet, reading up on consumer reviews on that product to see what experiences other people have had with the product. Learn what sort of ingredients are affecting your skin with the advice of a doctor, and then study the ingredients of the cosmetics, weeding out those brands that carry the allergic ingredients.

Or just give the brand a try, but pay attention to the makeup’s effects on your skin. And this is no rocket science..if pimples or blemishes occur, cease use of the brand immediately, and if your skin responds pleasantly,  free from irritation, use that brand regularly. Once we’ve found a good thing, ladies, we shouldn’t let it go.

Treat your skin as if it were your baby. The more we care for ourselves the more we’ll have that baby-skin touch and the younger we’ll feel. Makeup shouldn’t irritate our skin, but instead interact with it to soften it and illuminate it. With careful research into hypoallergenic brands, a girl can experience the best of both worlds: the beautiful richness of cosmetics and healthy, blemish- free skin that will feels soft , young and beautiful for years to come!