A foundation of minerals- become silky and sexy again..
Our skin is the largest organ of our body, as integral to our health as our hearts and our brains . As a protective organ, our skin requires special care and attention. Often, we’ll ignore a face breakout, blaming a pimple or boil on stress, covering it with a thick dab of synthetic concealer. Or we’ll use unnatural cosmetics layered in synthetic chemicals such as dyes,  phthalates, bismuth oxychloride, salicylates, arabens, carmine and other preservatives.

Often, those pimples and boils that we like to blame on stress are the very reactions to the synthetic makeup we use in a vain attempt to cover them up. Like a sly twist of fate, ladies, the remedy is often the very cause of what irritates our faces into all-out breakouts. But to care for your skin like your body’s largest organ deserves, use a natural mineral foundation makeup, allowing crushed, purified minerals to sooth and heal our complexion to its natural health. Purified, non-micronized minerals such as zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, mica powder, ultramarines and iron sooth and medicinally heal the skin. Since the minerals are larger than your pores, the skin doesn’t fully absorb the minerals, making them completely harmless to it’s health.

Those afflicted by troubled skin will often find surprising relief through a regular application of mineral foundation makeup. Being free from the synthetic chemicals found in more unnatural foundations, a mineral foundation provides that healing layer naturally, enriched with natural irons and zinc that enrich the body. Our skin naturally absorbs over 50 percent of what’s applied to its surface, so be careful of the harmful synthetics that may be in your makeup.

GeoFlair features a rich line of mineral cosmetics, featuring excellent cleansers and exfoliators that help to naturally heal the skin. Mineral Pure Makeup also features a natural line of 100 percent pure makeup, including natural skin care products, multi-purpose eye shadow and other natural concealors.

Not only is a natural mineral foundation better for our skin, but it feels silkier and sexier at the same time. It makes the skin feel soft, breathable, and helps to return moisture to drying and aging types. It helps the skin feel smoother, younger, more alive. Wear it once, and you’ll feel like a belle at the ball… wear it regularly, and you’ll enjoy living like an absolute queen!