Airbrush makeup gives every girl a movie star perfection.. As TV stars begin to adjust for the switch to the digital age, airbrush makeup is becoming increasingly common on the set of every TV show.

Using the same technology that’s used for paint and automotive work, air brush makeup gently sprays a layer of makeup on your face, creating a perfectly smooth shine without a single blemish, just like the movie stars or models in fashion magazines.

Digital television shows every detail of the face, so perfection is essential in bringing out that TV star luster. Airbrush cosmetics allow every woman that same essence of perfection, the opportunity to have an absolute, shining complexion, just as if you’ve stepped off a movie or TV show set or walked out of the pages of a fashion magazine.

The makeup is gently applied with a wand or a pen attached to a small air compressor. It’s a technology that was first invented in the late 19th century, but is now enjoying a growing popularity as women everywhere discover how perfect it can make them look.

Since airbrush cosmetics first began being used in movies with the production of Ben Hur in the 1930s, they have been standard on every movie set. We all recognize that perfect Hollywood gleam and dream of attaining it. Airbrush technology puts Hollywood at our fingertips, conveniently contained in an airbrush kit that’s as small as a purse.

Airbrush kits are available in a silicone or water-based form. Silicone units are usually used in the professional sector, for plays, movies and fashion shoots. Water based models offer a similar quality, but are smaller, easier to carry and more affordable, usually meant for consumer use though still offering the same benefits of perfection of the professional version.. and I’d take that!

You’ll be surprised with the results. They give your face a flawless, refined look. Multiple layers of makeup can be used in harmony to create a more dramatic effect. It’s also very long lasting, staying strong and bright for at least 16 hours, and can really go up to 20 hours if it has too, how amazing is that?

This is not only ideal for the stage, but important events like an all-day wedding, a hectic business day when you absolutely have to look your best, or simply the convenience of not having to worry about your makeup application throughout the day.

Airbrush cosmetics technology is becoming ever more affordable as more women discover its benefits. This gives every girl the right to look perfect all day long, rich and shiny and fresh, right from the pages of a glossy magazine.