Almay Make Up features natural ingredients to restore the health of your skin: The truth be told, not all makeup is good for you.

Some brands of cosmetics contain synthetic oils, artificial dyes, or petro-chemicals that are harsh and damaging. Others contain multiple ingredients that some are allergic to, causing rashes and breakouts that blemish and threaten the health of the skin. Sometimes, your skin could be having an allergic reaction to your cosmetics and you won’t even know it.

While the world of cosmetics has changed a lot over the years as more as more brands feature organic and hypoallergenic makeup, it hasn’t always been that way. Indeed, some cosmetic brands still perpetuate synthetic ingredients that contain allergens, with no regard for a woman’s health.

In fact, the heaviness and thickness of the cosmetics available in the 1930s are what inspired Fanny May Woititz to develop her line of Almay make up. Tired of cosmetics made from strong pigments and powerful chemicals that irritated her skin, she developed a line of more natural makeup and beauty products, revolutionizing the cosmetics industry with her innovation to bestow the natural.

Since the development of Almay make up, cosmetics have never been the same. Now it’s possible for a girl to completely enjoy the beauty of makeup without harming our health… in fact, many of the ingredients used in Almay cosmetics are beneficial to the health of your skin.

Meadowsweet, known through folklore for being the “queen of the meadows,” belongs to the rose family and actually helps to exfoliate the skin, massaging it with a soothing essence that returns its health.

Other ingredients include the essence of cucumber that has long been used in skin- care for its cooling and beautifying properties because it is rich in water and Vitamin E. Other natural ingredients in Almay cosmetics include aloe, which naturally uses vitamins, minerals, protein and enzymes to naturally heal your complexion and restore its health.

Natural ingredients blended into Almay cosmetics actually help to slow the rate of aging, keeping your skin fresher and healthier as time goes by. Many of Almay’s skin care products contain blended particles of the Moringa Tree.

Known in northern India as “the miracle tree,” Moringa blooms with the benefits of nature, containing an abundance of potassium, iron, Vitamin A and other nutrients. It has been used for centuries to help heal and rejuvenate. It actually detoxifies the body, which will help to prolong and enhance the beauty of your skin.

The use of cosmetics should be beneficial to our health. We use make up to look beautiful. The more healthy our bodies  can become, the more of a natural beauty we will acquire. The essence that we search for can be found naturally through organic means that actually care for our body, keeping us beautiful for years and decades to come!