When I first saw the ad for Pure Blends foundation on a magazine I have to admit that I was very excited, and I couldn’t wait for my local drugstore to bring in the new line. I waited for about 2 weeks and still they didn’t have it, but I finally found it at Ulta.

The main reason for my excitement is that I was looking for an “all natural” alternative, and this is the only brand I know that is a 90% natural, 97.4 to be exact.

When I made my first purchase I picked up 2 different shades, not knowing which one would suite my skin tone the best.

Unfortunately when I put it on I was rather disappointed… it is an extremely sheer product that offers no coverage whatsoever. It feels light, but at the same time greasy and wet.

I don’t know anyone who likes their foundation to smear to the touch; it is almost as if it never dries up. I was expecting and actually looking for a light foundation, but this is not the right product for me or my skin type…

Pure Blends is more of a tinted moisturizer than it is a foundation. If you are looking for barely-there, ultra sheer and minimum coverage then you would love this product!

The shades are nice, and varied enough for you to find the right match, and they come pretty small, at 1fl. Oz which isn’t bad if you want to try it out.