The Victorian Age may have been pretty, filled with beautiful ladies priming their eyelashes like peacocks, powdering their faces like whitened snow. But the days of carriages and gentlemen really weren’t so gentle.. For an evening of dancing at the ball, a lady would fashionably prime her face with Venetian ceruse, a skin whitening cosmetic made from lead paint! Extensive makeup use could cause lead poisoning, nauseating sickness, even death.

Luckily these days, a gal doesn’t have to poison her face to make it pretty. But she should be conscious of the make-up she wears. Not all cosmetics on the market are healthy. Some are terribly oil based, which can ruin your skin and make it old before its time. Others contain harmful dyes, drying talcs and other unnatural ingredients. While they may dazzle a ladies face today, they add years of age over time, leading to unnecessary wrinkles, discoloration, and blemishes. Who want that!?

What’s more beautiful than nature? A girl can look her best and still be natural. In fact, organic makeup sustains your youthful look by keeping the skin naturally healthy. Bare mineral cosmetics have come a long way over the years. The environmental and green movements have created a demand and a market, leading to a variety of natural products that maintain a  healthy look that’s stunningly beautiful. Organic makeup is no longer just for the flower women of all styles and ages enjoy being natural and gorgeous at the same time!

A bare mineral cosmetic is a natural cosmetic, chemical and additive free. Their beauty occurs naturally in minerals that have existed for thousands of years. Natural makeup actually repairs damaged skin, literally adding youth to your face. They also allow a natural, healthy glow to your face, brightening the room like a smile.

For sensitive skin, organic beauty products are ideal. Because they don’t contain poisonous additives like petroleum, they won’t clog your pores, cause flare-ups or other irritations. Ever notice how some make-ups burn your skin? The unnatural oil irritates it , causing clogs and blemishes. Natural beauty products, on the other hand, actually act as a soothing agent to help heal your skin, as well as enrich its beauty, naturally.

Be as beautiful as nature! Look your best for an evening of dinner or a girl’s night out, and still naturally enhance your complexion. There are plenty of natural products on the market that will make you look gorgeous while actually adding to the health of your skin. Beauty needs taken care of, and  Nature cares for healthy skin the best.