The Borghese cosmetics line is based on royalty, both in its elegance and its literally. Prince Lorenzo Borghese rules the Borghese Cosmetics line, serving as a managing partner together with his father.

The private Italian cosmetics label sells numerous brands of cosmetics to major department stores, earning a reputation of elegance and legacy that goes back all the way to the French Revolution.

Prince Lorenzo shares ancestry with not only the cosmetics icon Princess Marcella Borghese, but also Napoleon’s sister. Pauline Bonaparte Borghese legacy still lives as a famous statue by Antoino Canova, residing in the Borghese Gallery in what is referred to by tourists as the Borghese Gardens.

Prince Lorenzo’s family legacy traverses more than just the world of Borghese cosmetics. The family line has had an enormous influence on the world’s most precious Italian art, beautifying Rome in the 1600s, as well as helping to finish the construction of St. Peter’s Basilica. To honor Pope Paul V’s accomplishment of constructing the magnificent tower, the Latin form of the Borghese family name, as well as the family’s crest, can be found on its famous façade.

Prince’s Lorenzo’s family ancestry owned some of the largest property and collections of art in the world, including a third of the land south of Rome at the time of Pope V. At their height, the family owned 1,300 square miles.

The Borghese Gallery, one of Rome’s largest museums, is home to the family’s prestigious art collection, including the above mentioned statue of Napoleon’s sister. The family’s palace, Palazzo Borghese, still stands on the Via Borghese, a street in Rome named for the legendary family. The palace dates to 1560. It is a palace immaculately fit for a prince, as much a legend as it is a fairy tale.


And like any fairy tale prince, Prince Lorenzo lives up to the job. In addition to running the prestigious Borghese cosmetics line, Prince Lorenzo is the founder and president of the Royal Treatment Italian Pet Spa, a high end bath, body and skin care line for pets made from the finest natural Italian cosmetics. But the prince doesn’t let it all goes to his head, because he has such a big heart. Long known to be an advocate for the animals, Prince Lorenzo works with numerous animal shelters throughout the United States, protecting and nurturing the animals he loves.

So you can wear the beauty of Borghese cosmetics knowing they literally came from Royalty, from princes who not only have the gene pool of ancestry, but hearts of shining gold like the days when armor glinted in the bright sunshine for many a maiden