elizabeth-ardenElizabeth Arden makes a Visible difference, continuing a tradition of innovation in skin cream: when it comes to breathtaking steps of skin care innovation, Elizabeth Arden Makeup stands out in a crowd.

Collaborating with a scientific chemist for the first time in makeup history, Elizabeth Arden unleashed Venetian Cream Amoretta, revolutionizing cosmetics by bringing science to the powder room. The daughter of Canadian tenant farmers who led a makeup revolution, Arden was the first to match makeup creams to skin tone, introduce the benefits of science and chemistry to her cosmetic line, and even invented the concept of a makeover, earning her the reign of queen in the modern cosmetics industry.

Elizabeth Arden makeup continues to inspire innovative blends of skin cream, especially with its Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference, a refining moisture cream complex that keeps skin youthful through a rich, emollient layer of moisture that cushions dry skin. The cream not only prevents moisture loss, but returns a feel of softness to your face, making it youthful and fresh again!

The cream is pleasant to use, refreshing, and adds a soft shine to your skin that makes it smooth and silky. It helps protect against wrinkles and unnatural drying, enhancing your skins smoothness and shine by sealing in the moisture.

It’s dermatologist, allergy and clinically tested, so you can trust that its healthy for your skin. Elizabeth Arden has a long reputation of bringing the best scientific and chemical concepts to the world of cosmetics, creating products that are not only beneficially healthy, but scientifically sound. Elizabeth Arden makes the most out of beauty.

The product also works well with Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Plump Perfect Firming Body Soufflé, a luxury body treatment moisturizer that protects the skin with an advanced anti-aging formula. It also ideally complements Elizabeth Arden’s Ceramide Time Complex Moisture Cream, which also works to minimize the visual appearance of aging. These products protect the beauty of your skin, keeping it soft, supple and shiny like it was when you were young.

It’s no wonder Elizabeth Arden is considered one of the world’s most exclusive cosmetic brands, boasting fans throughout history that include the likes of Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II, Marilyn Monroe, Jacqueline Kennedy, Marlene Dietrich, Joan Crawford, Wallis Simpson, and Maime Eisenhower. Her innovation has enriched all our lives as women as we continue to enjoy the benefits of her cosmetics.