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Hey, we all love trying new makeup brands with our friends. The beauty of Jafra Cosmetics is they do business with your friends. You don’t have to loiter through idle department stores sniffing this brand or that, nor do you have to wade through an ocean of cosmetic Internet sites when you can find everything you need under one roof. If you love that personal touch, that experience of trying on a new makeup in the company of your own friends, spending an afternoon making yourselves beautiful because, why not, you deserve to.

And so do the people you love to spend time with. A career with Jafra cosmetics is like throwing one dress up party after another. You remember those long lost days of tea parties and dressing up. A cosmetics party with Jafra isn’t much different, only this time it’s cosmetics and spa treatments and the good life. Since many women choose to sell them out of their home, inviting friends over for makeup makeover parties, Jafra cosmetics presents an ideal way to both have a beauty parlor party and get together and just be with the girls.

Truth be told around the powder room, Jafra Cosmetics is one of the best kept secrets in the world of makeup. Use it a few months, and you’ll look and feel years younger. It instills moisture in your face that enhances and returns beauty to the skin, absorbing and protecting against sagging aging agents.

Jafra cosmetics features an impressive ray of products like the Royal Jelly Line, Vitamin C Peel Kit, Royal Almond Collection, Time Corrector Nighttime Firming Moisturizer, Time Protector Daily Defense Cream, Eau d’ Arômes revitalizing fragrance spray for women, Adorisse, Tender Moments, the baby brand, Eau de Parfum for women, and JF9 Black cologne for men.


Perfume scents, smooth skin cream to make you years younger, and body spa products bringing waves of elegance into your own bathroom, any one Jafra cosmetic will enhance your life with beauty and youth. Not only that, but the makeup line also presents many unique employment opportunities, the very kind that can transform womens’ lives and give them the financial integrity and professional success to ride the crest of their dreams.

For the girl who likes to throw a party and share her love of makeup with friends, Jafra cosmetics presents an opportunity for you to share your passion for cosmetics. With a flexible schedule where the opportunities are up to you, Jafra cosmetics can be sold out of your home, at the office, to your neighbors or even your friends in your tea, garden or book club.

Jafra cosmetics offers a world of makeup to share with your friends. Whether selling and earning a steady profit with a vantage of opportunity, or simply seeing what new product a friend might b interested in, you’ll find Jafra cosmetics to be a stylish way to spend an afternoon getting beautiful.