Subtly bold and open to fun

Curiosity killed the cat. When I first heard of the collaboration between Mac Cosmetics and Hello Kitty, I just had to give it a try.

Combining the stylish youthfulness of the Hello Kitty world with the colorful sophistication of Mac makeup, the Hello Kitty Collection is a high-end line of brightly colored cosmetics that’s more fun to collect than a girl’s night out.

Really, this is a cosmetics line that gets a girl noticed. The Hello Kitty Collection introduces a new blend of youth to the cosmetics world, a fun-seeking spirit that’s carefree and open to possibilities.

This line of Mac Cosmetics features two collections, Hello Kitty Colour Collection and the higher end Hello Kitty Couture. Both bring a hip element of youthful style to the world of makeup, imaginative yet adventurous and creative at the same time.

The Hello Kitty Mild collection features eye shadows, eye liner and lipstick in a more subdued color line that subtly suggests innocence with an openness to fun. It’s a purrfect line for that innocent look that’s so good at being bad.

Every good girl needs her thrill, a dance with temptation that’s innocent and wild at the same time. The subtle colors don’t speak too loudly, but their message is clear. For a mild style that still not afraid to get what it wants, the Hello Kitty Mild collection brings out your subtle side while still maintaining that sense of stylish fun.

Of course, there are nights when subtlety goes right out the window. Sometimes you want to hit the club scene boldly and turn heads. If you like being the burning center of a party, it might be a night that calls for a dash of the Hello Kitty Wild collection, which features brighter colors for when you want to reach out of your skin.

Adored by women throughout the world for its wild sense of style, the Hello Kitty Wild line breaks boldly out of the mold, sleek, luring with a dash of unpredictability.

Just released for this past Valentine’s Day, the Hello Kitty makeup line is so fresh, it’s all the cosmetics world can talk about. Since announcing the partnership last November, Mac has created a stir in the cosmetics industry.

Finally the sophistication of Mac makeup and the stylish fashions of the Hello Kitty world have merged, and the results are rather surprising.

I’ve found the colors enticingly subtle, the sort of tender boldness that’s not too over the top. There’s enough variety in the blends to fit any type of mood, whether calm and subdued or more daring and dashing. It’s a youthful cosmetics line that’s creative and fun, perfect for when you want to get out on the town and just be free.