When you wear a lip gloss, you want it to last. You don’t want to get all caked up mid-way through the day, trying to form vowels like you’ve had plaster of Paris for breakfast. That’s when the paint chips appear, those flaky chips of dried lip gloss that peal like a bad sunburn.

Many lip glosses claim they are long lasting, but the proof is in the cake. I can’t tell you how often I’ve tried those shiny brands that claim they’ll last all day, only to be left with a stiff, flaky lip half-way through lunch.

We all know those opaque lip glosses that start out right, but always go weird, turning our lips into the surface of Mars. But finally, they’ve developed one every girl can rely on. Maybelline makeup features a reliable lip gloss that remains sheer, slick and long wearing. Your lips feel healthy and supple, bright and sexy.

Apply a layer and it dries in two minutes, but then it stop drying, leaving your lips flexible and supple. It doesn’t dry them out like a desert. Top it off with a clear gloss, and it’s a suppleness that lasts, healthy, comfortable and luring. Get the lips of a rose, fresh off the vine, not dead on the ground.


All it takes is one reapplication later in the day to distill the consistency. You can eat, drink whatever you want, and the supple gloss continues. The best part is it doesn’t smear, smudge or leave stains.

Lip gloss should feel good, not be a chore to wear. It should not only make you gorgeous, it should make you feel comfortable, natural and sexy. The best brings out the essence of your natural color, highlighting the life and beauty of your lips. The lip gloss lives up to  the slogan, “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline,” by enhancing a lady’s natural beauty, bringing out a sexy, healthy shine that’s already there, blooming below the surface.

I’ve found Maybelline makeup consistently marked down on-line, carried through a wide selection of sites willing to make a deal. On-line, you’ll pay a fraction of what you’d pay in a department store. Find the deals. You’ll save yourself money without limiting your selection.

Maybelline makeup is a cosmetic brand with a reputation for quality and innovation, as well as a key sense of fashion and style. Its lip gloss works well at continually enhancing the health of the lips, leading to a supple, full beauty that light up a room the moment they smile.