Nars Cosmetics truly cares for the modern woman..

Life is a roller coaster ride, dance party and glamour show all rolled into one, and a girl has got to look her best. Nars is a makeup wardrobe for the woman who wants to be modern, thrive in the cutting trends of fashion and design.

The line was developed by François Nars, a fashion photographer who took New York City by storm in the 1980s. While working with the world’s premier fashion models, Nars discovered that it was his passion to help women look beautiful and feel empowered. Nars realized that women find their identities through experimenting and having fun with makeup. There are no rules when it comes to beauty. Whatever makes you look good and feel great is right for you.

Whether Nars is a stylish accessory to truly bring the glamour to a night on the town, a guilty pleasure for when you need to feel glamorous or a makeup standby you just can’t live without, the power of Nars Cosmetics is hard to deny. It’s more than just makeup. It’s a state of mind, a sense of independent being, a class of cosmetics that goes beyond the ordinary.

Besides what it does to your skin, Nars cosmetics features packaging that’s truly special. Using rubberized materials that are nice and sensual to the touch, Nars cosmetics feels special right off of the shelf. That’s what makes it such a great gift item. From the moment it’s unwrapped, Nars brings a feeling of special wonder that’s beyond words. It’s luscious, but modern, classy yet versatile. Nars packaging has created trends in the industry, being both functional and eye catching, stylish and chic.

They have a complete line of powders, lip glosses, lip sticks, foundations and eye shadows. It’s skin care line is especially enhancing, utilizing the best vitamins, minerals and botanicals to truly care for and treat your skin. The more we care for our skin, the younger it becomes and the healthier it feels. As we naturally age, however, we must pay special attention to our skin’s more demanding needs, treating and enhancing our skin to retain its vitality.

We wear makeup to set the trend, to live on the cusp of fashion in glamour and glitter. Nars’ line of makeup has a world reputation for setting those trends, for setting the bar for what makeup can become. Be modern in the world of makeup. The world is yours now, ready for you to make it your own.