nyc-cosmeticsA leading innovator in the fashion of cosmetics, New York Color Cosmetics has done it again. With a reputation of bringing new ideas to the makeup market while optimizing the latest beauty and fashion trends, NYC Makeup introduces its Metro Metals Collection, bringing the essence of golds, silvers, bronzes and jewel tones into the enhancement of your skin’s beauty. This series captures your shine like the sparkle of silver, giving your skin a polished look that catches the light’s wonders.

With quick drying properties, these cosmetics glimmer in an instant brilliance, capturing your skin’s luminous glow through a series of precious metal tones that reflect and hold in the light. The metallic combinations of this new line of NYC Makeup goes beyond the traditional pink blush and blue eye shadow, literally adding a shiny quality to your skin as it glitters like a well polished jewel.

The Chroma Face Glow has rich metallic pigments, gliding on for a smooth finish brightly shining of the glint of your skin. It literally washes away age, replacing it with metallic properties that add a youthful shine to your face! now how wonderful is that!? It’s ideal for highlighting cheeks and brows, adding a shine to your edges that radiate through your smile.

It’s a line that offers a shine right down to your eyes. Sparklers Loose Eye Powder gleams in your eyes through an instant shine, reflected through a rich metallic powder that is safe and beneficial to the eye. Depending on how much power is applied, the sparkle of your eyes adds a warmth of light and intelligence, either through bold color selections or more subtle approaches in synch with your own skin tone.

NYC’s Metallic Nail Gloss brings out a midnight richness in your fingernails, glowing in a metallic shine like starlight. Not only fashionable, its Pro-Vitamin B-5 Formula actually heals and enhances the health of your nails through natural vitamin supplementation. It’s ideal if you want perfect nails for the night..when you might want people noticing that fat diamond on the end of your finger 😉