Chase those winter blues away! NYX make up is a splash of color... The weeks following the holidays always tend to get a girl down. After a month of tinsel and holiday cheer, the end of the holidays can be a little glum as we get back to regular life and begin to deal with an ever-graying winter.

With short  days ahead, there’s less ultraviolet light in the air, and it can be easy to get depressed. Although the daylight may be pale, that doesn’t mean we have to be!

Fortunately, a girl can raise her spirits by beautifying her complexion. Winter may be gray, but if a girl splashes and dabs a few colors on her face, she’ll perk right up and begin enjoying life again.. bright colors are the perfect antidote for depression, whether it be a brighter mascara, a shining lip gloss, or an eye shadow that adds color and light to your eyes.

NYX make up features blends of amazing colors, perfect for brightening every day of your life. You’ll feel special, ravishing and excited to start life again.. no matter the weather.

NYX make up features a tropical eye shadow color, perfect for brightening the shades of your eyes for a luscious and happy appearance again. Or if you’re feeling sexy, a hot pink eye shadow will turn up the mood as if spring can’t be that far away when love is in the air.

NYX cosmetic’s Black Label lipstick features several bright colors that will be a perfect lift for your mood and have you shining again. The extreme red color will brighten any complexion, not to mention chase away those winter blues. “Lily of the Valley,” for example, brings out that sense of flowering nature, perfect for adding a splash of color to even the grayest winter!

It’s only natural for our skin to appear a little duller or grayer over the winter months with less sunlight in the air, but adding color is just the reason why we wear cosmetics. NYX features a range of blushes made from mosaic powder that fuse five luminous shades into one, perfect for adding brightness and life to your face.

Add a splash of “Paradise” to your face that’s sexy as well as uplifting. Their mosaic powdered “Dare” blush is the perfect thing to wear if you want to be bold, if you want to step out on the town with a glow of excitement and sexiness.

Don’t let winter get you down. Let cosmetics lift you up. There’s no reason to be gray, no matter the weather. A splash of color will invigorate your spirits, make you sexier and inspire everyone who gets to bask in the presence of your glow .