Afterglow cosmetics Mineral Foundation is not only 100 percent natural, it works as a natural sunscreen that helps moisten even the driest of skin. I’ve tried natural products before and found some that are too pasty and cakey, especially in the warm sun whenever I went outdoors.

What’s great about this foundation is it’s light as a feather. It doesn’t feel chalked on or pasty like many cosmetics do. It feels light and natural, blending in smoothly to the naturalness of my skin. A kabuki brush works best for application, allowing you to get into the cracks and corners of your skin with more precision. When applied, the makeup works well to diminish age lines and face blemishes. Plus, with the naturally healing properties of the makeup that act as a sunscreen, it will protect the youth of your skin longer, not only hiding the lines but actually preventing them from developing with the strains of time.

Afterglow cosmetics also feature a spectacular line of Mineral Eye Shadow in every dashing color of the rainbow. It helps when a girl has a little selection, giving her more variety and creativity, allowing her to choose different moods to go with a particular outfit or an occasion. Whether emerald green or turquoise, there’s a shade to bring out every side of yourself, plenty of variety to suit your mood.

With the Mineral Foundation and the Mineral Eye Shadow, you enjoy not only great skin protection and an enhanced smoothness; you also get eyes that shine and glow for every option in your wardrobe. The two make a good combination, perfect whether you’re going out dancing, have an important business meeting, or just going shopping and want to look good. The choice is yours.