Your body is your skin too!

When talking about skin care our mind automatically thinks about the face, but lets not forget that this organ cover our entire body! So we should think about taking care of all of it..body as well as face.  The needs of our skin change with every season: in the summer we have to protect it with sunscreens and sunblock, fall and spring we should moisturize it and protect it as well.

But there is nothing worst than the cold harsh winters for the health or our skin.  The weather conditions alone play a huge role on the drying and flaking, not to mention the dry heat from air conditioners.  Let’s face it, in this time of the year we are all going to experience dryness, and sometime even itchiness (I know I do) but there are things that can be done to minimize the damage and try to retain moisture as much as possible.

I just live by this two simple steps: exfoliate and moisturize, you can never go wrong! There is a variety of exfoliating scrubs, but I recently discovered one that works either on wet or dry skin: Green Tea Reviltalize Renewing Body Scrub by Elizabeth Arden .  I use it on the shower followed by Neutrogena  Sheer Body Oil, wich helps to retain moisture.

After towel drying I moisturize with my favorite body lotion, but since we all have different skin types and needs I leave the choice up to you.  Keeping our skin soft and fresh takes work, and weather you choose natural skin care products or go with the new market trends, we need all the help we can get!