Get Urban, Get Hip with Urban Decay

Are you sick of prissy makeup? Does the color pink remind you of sorority days you wished never crawled out of the wastebasket? Are you tired of the blossoms and butterflies and the typical pretty colors most of the cosmetics brands tote just to get your attention?

Then you need a good dose of Urban Decay. Developed for the alternative girl who values her individuality, this makeup leaves the prissy girl image at the door. When the cosmetics land was first launched in 1996, it featured an ad campaign asking, “Does pink make you puke?” If that isn’t classic enough, the makeup line features such tantalizing colors as Roach, Rust, Acid Rain, Smog and Oil Slick. How cool is that?

Urban Decay cosmetics are feminine, yet not prissy, dangerous, but fun. It’s the ultimate beauty with an edge, perfect with a black pair of boots that look downright sacrilegious, classically sculpted to bring your skater punk, Goth girl, and raver chick all out for a night on the town. This makeup is hip, stylish with a hint of wit, goes great with black and looks even better against a kaleidoscope of tattoos.

This makeup sets the trend. It’s beauty that’s unusual, slick but hip, styling yet never shy. It’s a cosmetics line for the individual, the girl who wants to stand out and be herself against the crowd, a woman unconcerned with fitting in or looking like everyone else.

Their best selling Midnight Cowboy Heavy Metal Eyeshadow is perfect for finding that partner in crime. It’s ideal for just giving a hint of zany color, or turning up the volume for a full-blown psyched out laser light show.

Their Big Fatty Colored Mascara is perfect for blowing smoke in their eyes like you don’t even care. It’s extra thickening powers make any evening a hazed out wonderland. Turquoise colors give plain eyes a psychedelic jolt, turning any evening out on the town into its own music video.

Urban Decay Makeup

Urban Decay Makeup

Best of all, the makeup line is entirely cruelty free. You can be beautiful and hip without worrying that some poor bunny rabbit suffered just so you could look good. Plus, for you vegan animal lovers out there, the cosmetics brand features a special vegan line, so you can enjoy makeup resting assured no animals were bothered in the process. Live gently, beautifully and never feel guilty for the animals again!

If you are tired of the same old makeup lines, Urban Decay will make you stand out in a crowd. Makeup should be hip, not prissy. Step out on the town with your individuality intact and downright beautiful.