Look professionally beautiful with a wide selection of quality cosmetic brushes:

We all want that look achieved by professional makeup artists, perfectly sculpted with applied cosmetics capturing the glow of the light perfectly. If we are even going to get close to achieving a professional look by ourselves, we need to have the same tools that the pros use. That means an extensive collection of cosmetic brushes, each with a different design for its own unique makeup application, bringing our  techniques to the level of professionals.

When it comes to cosmetics brushes, each has its own specific job and purpose. A concealer brush should only be used for concealer, and another brush solely for foundation.

Blushing, bronzing and blonding calls for its own brush. There are brushes for eye shadow and different ones for eyeliner. Keeping a variety of brushes on hand means you’ll have one for every technique and application you’ll need, and never miss one particular brush when you need it the most!

The average woman spends more than $150 a year on cosmetics. When you are spending that kind of money, it makes sense to get the most for what you buy. You want to buy quality brushes that optimally perform over other brands. A good brush is more than a luxury, it’s a necessity if you truly want to look good. It will bring good results for a lifetime of wear if cleaned and cared for properly, and you’re makeup application will never look better. Besides ladies you know  there is nothing worst than a scratchy harsh brush touching your face!

Quality makeup brushes are essential to attaining the quality of professional makeup artists. Inexpensive brushes may sell for $5 a set, but predictably don’t provide good application. Often the bristles are thin, irregularly shaped or they bend, causing streaks and imperfection in your makeup.

Dust and bacteria sticks to them like tape, which can overly soil your face the more you use them, resulting in pimples and breakouts. Try to wash them and they disintegrate. Cheap brushes are stiff and irregularly shaped, creating a poor application every time they are used.

To check the quality of a makeup brush, notice the looseness of its bristles and its overall craftsmanship. The bristles should be soft and luminous, silky to the touch. Test the brush on the inside of your wrist. How soft does it feel? How flexible are the bristles? Pull on the bristles to test the strength. While some will naturally come off, if you pull off more than a few bristles, the brush is probably a very poor quality.

Invest quality in your makeup brushes: keeping a wide selection of clean brushes on hand is essential to a beautiful makeup production, keeping your pores clean and free of blemishes through an even and thorough application of makeup.