Choosing the perfect makeup for the perfect wedding day

When it’s your big wedding day, you dream of looking like a princess blossoming into becoming a queen. All eyes will be on you, and you’ve been dreaming of this big day for your entire life. You need to be flawlessly perfect, from your gorgeous dress to stylish shoes to that pair of earrings that capture the twinkle of the sun when you smile.

But preparing your face for this big event can be a little daunting. However, finding your own wedding makeup blend should be fun and creative. This is your day to look enchanted!

Never put your wedding makeup off until the last minute. With all the responsibilities of planning a wedding, from choosing a caterer to selecting the flowers to finding that perfect dress that makes you look strikingly beautiful, it’s often easy to save the makeup until last, working with different applications the day of the wedding in a vain attempt to make it perfect.

The problem is that your bridal makeup should involve a bit of discovery, a way of taking your usual and making it extraordinary. This takes a little play and experimentation. It’s best to try a number of different makeup blends, ideally a day or two before the wedding. Invite your bridesmaids and make it a fun, bonding experience that you and your friends will remember for the rest of your lives.

Also, make sure the makeup application will last. Your wedding is a big day, both in importance and in length. You need to look beautiful from the moment you walk down the alley until that late night dance when the music is rocking and everyone else is too. You need the makeup to last against time, against tears, against the extraordinary wonder of the night itself.

Know what you want to look like. This is your big day, so the possibilities are endless. Study your favorite fashion magazines, keep up on the looks of your favorite stars. Clip samples of your favorite makeup styles and share them with your makeup artist. The more you can tell him or her about what you want, the better they can stylize your desires into a beautiful reality.

Look great on your big day, from the style of your hair to the glow of your dress to the cosmetics shades making your face shine like royalty. Put thought and care into the shades and colors you desire. The more your makeup artist knows how you’ve always dreamed of looking when you walk down that aisle, the more shining your reality will match your ideals on your absolutely perfect day.