I know there are many women out there searching for the perfect product that will diminish all of the lines and wrinkles that come with age. But what products will get the job done? Will over-the-counter medications work, or is the only way to look younger involve paying a nice sum of money?

I guess it comes down to exactly just how long you use it and what ingredients are in the wrinkle creme you choose. Main ingredients in most products include retinol, copper peptides and tea extracts. If your serious about reducing age lines and getting smoother skin, you need to be sure to choose a product that has a higher concentration of these key ingredients. That way you will be getting more for your money, as well as a higher proximity to a wrinkle free face. The product that i have found to be most effective, as well as not emptying your wallet is Prevara by ENR. Its only 30 dollars, and does a superb job of keeping skin hydrated while diminishing lines and wrinkles.

You can also incorporate simple things into your daily routine that will promote smoother, wrinkle free skin. Sun exposure not only damages your skin, but it ages it as well. Try to limit the amount of time you spend in the sun, and if you are a sun lover, choose products with a sun screen built in! Smoking also promotes premature aging of the skin. Be aware of this as it plays a pretty big role in wrinkles developing at an early age.