makeup-stylistMakeup has come a long way from its days of highlighting the stars on the movie screen, but it’s real magic comes in making us all look and feel.. like movie stars.

Max Factor, Sr. had some big dreams when he arrived at the World’s Fair in 1904 to promote his line of rouges and creams. When he saw his first picture show, his dreams blew the roof off the theater. Factor realized that the actors and actresses needed to look perfect on the big screen, bigger than dreams themselves, and he knew that cosmetics held that key. He developed a line of makeup, that unlike the theatrical makeup of the day, would not crack and cake. With his dream of versatile cosmetics, Max Factor, Sr. turned Hollywood and the cosmetics industry on its head.

Any make up stylist may live in the shadow of Max Factor, Sr., but every one of them still lives his dream. A make up artist strives to make every person look like a movie star, like they’ve just stepped off the set with Bogart and the bright lights, like pearls and diamonds were mere trivial necessities of the life. We all want to look beautiful, like movie stars, like we’re diamonds stepping out onto the night to glitter. Any make up stylist worth his or her eyeliner brings out our Audrey Hepburn around the edges.

These days, an extraordinary development of technology and product line have made a make up artist a fascinating career. Truth be known, the cosmetics industry is enjoying its most promising times, and those who ride the crest of this wave enjoy both a flexible schedule and a fulfilling salary. Thanks to new television channels and shows dedicated to the developments of makeup, more makeup brands, new media and innovative developments in skin care, makeup has become a door of opportunity.

Being a make up stylist is a promising job, whether your sculpting Hollywood fashions on the big screen, or whether you’re making every girl feel like she’s just walked off a movie set. You can work one-on-one with fashion and photographic models, actors and musicians on the stage, priming their gleam to fit the flash of a magazine or the glitter of the bright lights.

Whether you’re making movie stars or making regular women feel like their priming for the movies, a career of makeup design holds promise and glamour. We all want to look like movie stars, and why not? Hollywood is where dreams are made. When we make our own dreams, we’re our own big screen.