These days, everyone seems to be looking for natural alternatives. From chemical-free home cleaning products, to all-natural roofing products, the green/natural movement is in full force. And, this includes the personal care market. Enter the mineral cosmetic.
What Is a Mineral Cosmetic?
A mineral cosmetic can be thought of as a natural cosmetic in that it is chemical free, containing no chemicals or other harmful additives. They are so named because they are made from minerals that occur naturally in the environment, many for thousands of years.
How a Mineral Cosmetic Helps to Repair Skin Damage:
Because a mineral cosmetic is made from a naturally occurring mineral, first and foremost, it is organic to some extent. It doesn’t include harmful dyes, petroleums, drying talcs and other ingredients found in mainstream cosmetics today.
Many a mineral cosmetic has been used as additives by mainstream cosmetics companies for years to add texture to their products. So, they are already part of the cosmetics industry.
But, when used by themselves, they provide several benefits, namely:

Glow: The application of a mineral cosmetic elicits a healthy, glowing texture to skin.
Hypoallergenic: A mineral cosmetic is the perfect skin care option for those with sensitive skin. Because minerals don’t contain additives like petroleum, they won’t clog your pores and cause flare-ups and other skin irritations.
A mineral cosmetic is completely safe to apply to the skin. , they act as a soothing agent.
Natural Sun Protection: Some minerals act as natural sunscreen protection m eg, zinc oxide. Hence, many companies are promoting the health benefits of mineral cosmetics that contain it.
The Health Benefits of Minerals
Just like zinc oxide is a natural sunscreen agent, many minerals offer various health benefits. The industry is teeming with researchers who are ferreting out these benefits to be able to offer them as healthy alternatives to current cosmetics.
With as many minerals as there are, the health benefits of many a mineral cosmetic have yet to be discovered, which makes it an exciting time for the industry.