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Beauty Care for Sensitive Skin

If you’ve got sensitive and dry skin, you’re probably more prone to wrinkles, and getting older sure doesn’t help. If you have sensitive skin and are interested in beauty care, never wash your face with soap. Instead, use a cleansing milk bath. Never use hot or cold water. It will only further dry out your […]

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Skin and Beauty Care

Staying young with special skin beauty treatments Like a rose gardener tending to the petals, if we care for our skin everyday, we’ll look and feel younger. The secret nobody tells you is that as you get older, it takes extra care in the treatment of your skin to maintain its youth. We all know […]

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Cosmetics Reviews

Research the quality of your makeup through on-line cosmetics reviews: Tired of spending good money on a reputed brand of makeup, only to realize you’ve wasted it because it’s comes too caked on, dries too fast or has an icky smell you never bargained for? Cosmetics are an investment and it’s important to know that […]

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