Sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing..
The simplest, best makeup advice a girl can share is simplicity. Makeup should bring out the essence of your shine and colors. It shouldn’t attract attention just for its own sake, but should interact with your features subtly, unconsciously, weaving a gentle enchantment we may not even be aware of, but we fall under its spell nonetheless. A sophisticated use of cosmetics adds to our appearance and aura without subtracting the essence of our own unique natures. At the same time, makeup should also be used in a way that treats and care for the health of our skin. The more healthy our skin is treated, the more beautiful it will be.

Concealer can be a miracle maker, as any girl who has experienced a sudden breakout before a big night can attest, but it’s easy to get carried away. If you try to cover up too much, you’ll only attract more attention to the blemish, pimple or breakout. A heavy amount of concealer can indicate you have something to hide. It’s better to use sparingly and tastefully, bringing out your essential color in a way that accentuates but doesn’t attract attention. It’s natural to want to cover up the acne while it’s healing, but remember that a little bit of concealer goes a long way. Use it sparingly, blending into the natural colors of your skin and adding to the shine of your complexion.

Most importantly for our skin, we should treat breakouts promptly and rapidly: caring for breakouts through natural salves that work to heal our skin. Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics develops a line of skin care makeup that actually medicinally heals your blemishes through natural herbs and minerals, working both as makeup and as a naturally healing salve. It’s a wonderful treatment that’s very effective, both at enhancing  your natural glow and healing your body at the same time!

Our skin is our largest organ of our body. We need to take care of it, whether that means using natural cosmetics   utilizing the best in mineral science to treat the health of our skin, thereby retaining our beauty. The best makeup advice is to subtly use makeup in a way that’s both beautiful and healthy. Let cosmetics add to your appearance without being heavy handed, subtly bringing out your glow until beauty just seems like a natural accentuation of you. In this case less really is more!