Have you ever asked yourself if when you tan you should tan your face as well?

Several years ago someone I knew told me she “would never tan her face”,and cover it with a towel while in the tanning booth.  As an avid tanner myself I would have never considered covering my face! At that moment a dozen questions popped into my head: how about the difference of color between my face and body?? and that beautiful bronze look I live for? When I asked her why..she simply said “I wouldn’t want to turn into a raising at the age of 40!” And that’s when it hit me: do I want to end up like those Californian women that tanned all throughout the 80’s without protecting the skin and they ended up with that “raising look”? I decided then that i would not sacrifice the freshness of my skin just for a nice tan color, after all a girl like me outta have options!

But what happens when you go to the tanning salon?

Well..I cover my face with a towel, and only allow 3 or 4 minutes of face tanning a month to even the color out just a little. That feels like a perfect balance between 2 extremes!

Stars like Jennifer Lopez avoid the sun at at any any price, as if by doing so she can preserve the youthful and fresh look of the skin for years to come. And there is nothing but truth to this belief, because as we all know sun and UV ray exposure can age and dry the skin, making it prone to wrinkles and premature aging.

Large hats, sunglasses and high factor sunscreens are some ways to avoid the sun rays while been outdoors.

Now you may ask yourself: what about that glowing sun-kissed look? How do I get it? Well..bronzer is the way to go.

They come in different forms,such as lotion, press powder, loose powder, etc..and your choices are infinite.  If you have a favorite brand of cosmetics then check out their bronzers or self tanners, and their different shades. I personally like to try a different brand and experiment a little.  So whether you like to be a sun tanned babe all year long or just wanna have that extra glow during the summer months, protecting your skin form harmful rays is the way to go!!