Growing young gracefully..
We wear makeup to bring out our  features, to highlight certain colors and shades that accentuate our natural appearance and of look our very best. But we also wear cosmetics to care for our skin, to bring health to drying flesh and help preserve it against the effects of aging.

Estee Lauder cosmetics have long held a reputation for empowering women, for highlighting our best elements with a sense of style. But aside from looking good, Estee Lauder cosmetics are healthy for us too.  The makeup line features an array of products that not only make us look good, but medicinally heal and sustain our skin as well.

Estee Lauder founded her line of cosmetics in 1946, introducing a line of skin and cream lotions. Over the past 60 years, she’s built a makeup legacy that boasts annual sales in the billions. An empowered women seeking to share her sense of beauty with the world, Estee Lauder has earned significant recognition for her makeup line and business sense, including such honors as a Spirit of Achievement Award from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, being the only woman listed in Time Magazine’s 1998 list of the 20 most influential business geniuses of the 20th century, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She’s built her business on her own prestige, a legacy that’s become world-renowned.

She shares this prestige with the women of the world so that all women may be beautiful, no matter age or circumstance.  Her high-end beauty line products provide skin treatments for an array of skin types, and are especially useful in enhancing youth and caring for aging skin. The Estee Lauder Resilience line is effective at addressing the redundant signs of aging such as deep wrinkles, sun damage, progressive sagging and age spots. Its key ingredients include an “ExtremeLift Complex” that tightens and protects the skin against the sagging effects of aging. Super-energized nutrients repair damaged skin, restoring it with a more radiant and natural glow

Recent consumer studies of women who use Estee Lauder cosmetics report that 92 percent saw significant results, which is encouraging for those of us who want to preserve our youth and protect against early aging. We want to look our best, especially as we age and progress as women. With proper cosmetic care and treatment, we can all age gracefully. But the older we get, the more care we require to preserve and maintain smoothness. As skin naturally dries and ages, it needs extra enhancements to moisturize and protect against the effects of time.

Take care of your skin. Feel smooth, silky and young again. Look years younger by taking care of yourself every day. Let proper skin care be your fountain of youth.