When hasn’t elegance been good for us? It’s a ceaselessly stressful struggle to balance family and careers, but finding time to live the good life makes us more capable of surviving life’s strife. Treat yourself to elegance, pamper a little indulgence, and you’ll be treating your family and your co-workers as well as yourself! You’ll treat them better and have more energy for life..a little goodness goes along way. Feel good and you’ll feel better about yourself and your responsibilities.

Mor cosmetics offers simple opportunities for elegance, affordable, convenient ways to shed the stress of life. The Mor Cosmetics Chinoiserie Soap Collection is simply gorgeous soap: It creams the skin, making you feel silky, smooth and relaxed. Any bath can become your own spa with this elegant line of soaps that care for your skin.

Even the box it comes in is divine! We all love the special touch, right down to the packaging that lets you know you are handling something that’s truly gorgeous and special. The gorgeous packaging is only a hint of its decadent contents, a smooth silky soap decorated with an elegant design of  a lovely cherry tree, a beautiful bird or other shimmering design. The presentation is simply stunning and breathtaking, and just a hint of the elegance ahead.

It’s such a beautifully elegant soap, you almost don’t want to get it wet! You just want to put it on a pedestal like all the glamour of a museum, preserve it like it’s a work of art.. but then you are only experiencing its beauty on the surface, without feeling its smooth richness on your skin or its moisturizing softness that naturally enhances and returns beauty to your entire being. Go ahead. Get it wet. Smooth it on your body. Indulge!

For the lady who has a secret weakness for a peony flower, this soap has all the indulgence of fantasy. Mor’s Peony Flower Chinoiserie Soap is like taking a bath in flower petals. The triple-milled soap bar is enhanced with shea butter that moisturizes and protects the skin. Added plant extracts of Peony, Jasmine and Cherry.. a rich botanical quality, bringing out natural flower smells, making the typical bath become an intimate dream of relaxation and comfort.

Indulging ourselves is easy. As we balance hectic schedules of careers, family and friends, we don’t just deserve a little pampering.. We require it!  Take some time off from the world with an elegant bath of Mor’s line of specialized soap. Your family and your career will thank you for it. You deserve it just as much as they do.