Cosmetics come in all shapes, colors, sizes and desires. There’s no hard and fast rule from choosing a blend of cosmetic that’s ideal for you. A girl’s probably better off mixing and matching, selecting from a variety of cosmetics brands until she finds each lip color, eye liner and skin cream that suits her perfectly.

It’s really just a matter of preference and individuality. As women, we’re each unique. We have our own features, colors and highlights that require a customized makeup approach. Of course, we all have our own needs, too, whether it be a certain skin cream that just seems to wash away our wrinkles or a rouge that distracts from a mole. Women are always their own, so it makes sense that every girl find a cosmetic selection that’s perfectly suited to her.

Choose from a wide variety of cosmetics brands that suit not only your color, but also your needs, moods and preferences. No one cosmetic blend is perfect for the entire job; it takes a combination of colors, brands and techniques to bring out our prettiest selves.

You should probably select makeup brands that are natural and ideally organic, especially if you have sensitive or irritated skin. Not all natural cosmetics are actually organic, so it’s helpful to check. Some may contain plants grown with pesticides or other chemicals, which can react harshly with your skin and could lead to health problems including cancer. Organic cosmetics are made without any chemicals or pesticides. Plus, many feature healing botanicals which can actually work to heal and soothe your skin.

Shop around and explore for the perfect cosmetic. It may take some time and experimentation. Read makeup reviews online. Try some out at a department store and see how it makes you feel. Makeup is a matter of individuality and preference. Finding what’s right for you just depends your unique self.