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Mineral Cosmetics

I was always a little weary of the new fad in make up of mineral cosmetics.  The advertisements are all over for it on the TV, in the paper etc.  I figured it was a just a fad that would fade away eventually. I did not know if I would want to spend 50 to […]

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Cosmetics Care for Complete Beautification

When it comes to cosmetics care, a girl should be cautious. Not all cosmetics are good for you. Some, in fact, contain oils, petroleums and talcs that can irritate the sensitivity of your skin. You need to be careful about what cosmetics you apply to your skin. If you notice an irritation or rash develop, […]

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Eye Makeup Begins with Mascara

Professional beauty tips can be easily applied by anyone, once you learn a few insiders’ secrets. Refining your technique can significantly improve your enjoyment of makeup, opening up beauty opportunities you never thought possible. When it comes to eye makeup, mascara does magic to your lashes when it’s correctly applied, lightly accentuating the body of […]

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