The Dead Sea gets its name from a composition of minerals so rich they allow nothing to grow in its waters. Having the lowest sea level on earth, the Dead Sea retains its water through perpetual evaporation, instilling it with a rich mixture of salts and minerals that enhance the health and beauy of your skin.

The Dead Sea’s high mineral content is a blessing when it comes to cosmetics.  Going as far back as ancient cultures, people have praised the Dead Sea for its medical value and therapeutic properties. In the Bible, the sea was a place of refuge for King David. Herod the Great, enjoyed civilization’s first health spas on its waters, bathing in the water for its medicinal properties. Literally, millenniums of people have treasured the sea for the therapeutic and healing properties its rich minerals provide.

Today, doctors often order patients with skin problems to soak in its water because the minerals will heal their body. People bathe in its waters because of the benefits the enriched minerals have on the pores of their skin.

Deep Sea Cosmetics take advantage of all the healing therapies the Dead Sea has to offet, without an expensive plane ticket or trip to the Middle East, how wonderful is that? This line of cosmetics harvest the best of Dead Sea minerals togheter with natural herbal extracts and aromatic oils to bring out the beauty and health of your skin.

Recreated in a lab, the minerals naturally open the pores , increasing the flow of oxigen rich blood to the skin. Their enriched minerals smooth the skin, giving it a soft baby-like compexion.

From purifying Mud Masks that leave your face feeling like silk, to anti-wrinkle creams that smooth out lines and protect against aging, Deep Sea Cosmetics have a variety of options to enjoy the healing benefits of the Dead Sea, without leaving your bathtub.

If it was good enough for a queen like Cleopatra, beauty products enriched with Dead Sea minerals are perfect for a do-it-yourself spa right in your own bathroom. Treat yourself like royalty, and bask in the seas of history..add a touch of paradise to every single day, after all you deserve a royal treatment!