Have you ever gone to the store to pick up you favorite eyeshadow and its just GONE?! Like a close friend, makeup forms its own attachment..

Weʼve all found a particular blend of cosmetics that we have grown to love and can’t live without, that perfect combination highlighting our inner glow. Thereʼs a certain lip gloss that goes with your favorite red dress, or a specific brand of foundations that accentuates your best colors. But what happens when the shelves run dry?

Thereʼs a cosmeticʼs bag chock full of reasons why some types of makeup are discontinued. The market for that particular cosmetic may have shifted, causing waning sales to force a brand to concentrate on other better selling products, or that particular cosmetic shade youʼve fallen in love with may have been a limited edition item.

In the case of some of the more organic and naturally based cosmetics, a discontinued makeup line may be the result of certain ingredients not being in season or a depletion of supplies due to drought or a bad year.

While thereʼs probably a perfectly reasonable explanation why your favorite blend of cosmetics has been discontinued, thatʼs little solace when youʼve become accustomed to a perfect makeup match thatʼs no longer on the market..

But luckily, we live in the digital age! and it’s a big world right at our fingertips. Thanks to the Internet, discontinued makeup that has a more specifically targeted market can easily and readily be found.

Search engines are probably your simplest solution, as they can provide a wide selection with prices that are easily compared. While some discontinued blends may be more expensive, deals can be had if you just take the time to look.

Ebay is a girlʼs dream come true when it comes to finding a rare brand or blend thatʼs been taken out of stock. Youʼd be surprised just how often you can find what you are looking for, and often for a bargain.

If you regularly visit outlet stores, discontinued cosmetics can often be found at cosmetic outlets, which specialize in products that have been taken off the market. TJ Maxx and Marshallʼs can be gold mines for the products your looking for, usually for a considerable discount of what youʼd have spent at a department store when the line was still on the market.

Even when the shelves run dry, a girl still her options. Internet search engines and sites like Ebay put those options literally at our fingertips. So go search away and find that shade youʼve grown to love, even when the brand has stopped filling the orders.