Professional beauty tips can be easily applied by anyone, once you learn a few insiders’ secrets. Refining your technique can significantly improve your enjoyment of makeup, opening up beauty opportunities you never thought possible.

When it comes to eye makeup, mascara does magic to your lashes when it’s correctly applied, lightly accentuating the body of your lashes for a beautiful feel. It’s essential that no gobs of stuff be left sticking to the eyelash. You should also keep each eyelash separate from itself, so that you can clearly see each strand separate against the light.

In order to avoid those awful unsightly gobs, always apply the mascara to the base of the lashes with a mascara wand, giving the wand a wiggle after applying to shake off any excess gook. You then carefully brush the mascara with a mascara comb, gently wiping away the excess mascara. Mascara should be wiped off the wand by a tissue so you can always apply a clean wand to your lash.

Keep in mind that mascara can look very ugly if it smudges. Mascara can smudge if the eye cream or concealer that was used is oily and still wet. If you apply a powder to your lower eyelids before applying the mascara, you can avoid smudges. Also, be careful never to blink when applying the mascara, or it will apply to your eyelids instead of your eyelashes.

A second coat can layer on the mascara even thicker, but apply it quickly after the first. If the first dries before a second coat is applied, the mascara will just clump the lashes, looking more like dried up sleep than a beauty product.