Once upon a time, women did not care where their beauty products came from. Call it the need-to-know basis and not asking meant you really didn’t need to know. Well, those days have changed.

Organic products were not always in style. Aerosols in hair spray replaced with eco friendly propellants, whale fat and blubber used as a base for lipstick, and various other products that involved animal testing or some facet of the inclusion of a body part or two from animals has now been removed from the mainstream in the manufacture of cosmetics.

Organic beauty care is the new green for cosmetics, meaning if it is natural, its ok. Fortunately big business has had to make changes based on organization such as PETA, Greenpeace and others fighting for animal rights to clean up their act, but how does this affect consumers?

Is the lipstick as lustrous?
Does the foundation last as long?
Will the nail polish stay put without chipping?

Yes, in fact, synthesizing many of the components with organic alternatives such as Aveda’s product lines are proof enough that being conscious amidst the norm has merit, and women are willing to pay the difference to cast their vote in support of organic beauty care.

In today’s beauty market, we are overwhelmed with the all the different choices we have. Although not everything we find in the shelves is of organic origin, almost every brand out there has a line of “Natural’ or “Mineral” cosmetics. Us women can make a difference in the environment by choosing brands that are cruelty-free and Not tested on animal, after all the choice is ours..